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About The Game

The Game

Everybody Edits is a game that allows you to create your own levels using various types of blocks and pre-designed objects to enhance your world. There are dozens of objects available to literally change the landscape of the world you’re creating, and they are very easy to use and put in place. You can be as creative as you want when designing your world, as not even the skies are the limits since you’re the one designing them!


There are a few dozen different types of blocks that will allow you to change how people can interact with your world. Some blocks will allow you to go through them, while others will block your path. You can even climb up some blocks — and that’s only the beginning! You can interact with a key to open certain blocks, or use other objectives to change them. It all depends on how you want to lay out your level. This gives players some flexibility with designing their levels and will make it more entertaining to play through them. By using objectives, you can give your world a purpose.


Not only are you able to build these amazing worlds, but you can share them with your friends and other players in the community. By posting your world online, you can give other players access to your world so that they can play as well. They will experience everything that you have created, and they will try to figure out how to beat the level that you designed! Your game can host dozens of players at a time, so you can actually play your levels with your friends and other players. This also gives you the opportunity to play other people’s levels as well. Every level is an entirely new experience, so you’ll never get bored. Finding games is really easy and you can browse them based off of their popularity.

The Website

The Everybody Edits website is designed to make it easy for players to help one another and access other levels. There are forums available that players can go on and talk about ideas and ask questions to one another to figure out how to get their own level to do exactly what they want. You can also go to a section of the website that will show levels that have been posted so that you can try them out yourself.


If you’ve ever wanted to design your own video game, this is the game editor for you. Try it out yourself for free and share it with your friends so that they can play with you as well. It is entirely free and won’t cost you a dime!

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